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New Process & Technology

High Density
Improved Thermal / Electrical Performance
Lead Free Implementation
MSL Improvement

High Density

High Density Matrix Leadframe
1 MAP QFN Development
QFN Taping
Matrix Taping

1-MAP QFN Development

  • Sawn QFN L/F has evolved from earlier double-pass-saw design (wider connecting bar) to recent single-pass-saw design (narrower connecting bar) for both leadframe density & productivity improvement.
  • 1-MAP Design is developed to further increase the frame density. A typical analysis on frame density as outlined below:

Package Size

Multiple MAP


2-pass vs 1MAP

1-pass vs 1MAP



5x5 270 385 484 79% 26%
6x6 200 270 342 71% 27%
7x7 140 200 256 83% 28%
8x8 75 120 196 161% 63%
10x10 40 75 110 175% 47%
  • NiPdAu FULL plating is preferred as any masking on 1-MAP leadframe for Ag plating will likely causing damage issue due to ultra weak structure without (or very minimum) metal support throughout the whole MAP.