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New Process & Technology

High Density
Improved Thermal / Electrical Performance
Lead Free Implementation
MSL Improvement

MSL Improvement

MEP Process
Photo Resist Plating

What is MEP?

  • "MEP" means MSL Enhancement Process
  • Utilize modified sulfuric/peroxide microetch for surface roughening that will create a pits and tunnel type of morphology on the copper surface.
  • During molding, bonding taken placed due to combination of mechanical & chemical adhesion, thus, better MSL performance.

MEP Process Mechanism

MEP Process

Normal Frame

MEP Treated Frame

MEP Treated Frame Normal Frame

Copper Surface Untreated (5000x) Ra = 0.05 um

Copper Surface after MEP (5000x) Ra = 0.1 um

copper surface treated with MEP copper surface untreated
  • MEP treated frame appear darker due to the present of organic layer.
  • MEP coating will only enhance mold compound adhesion on copper surface only. In view of this, to maximize MEP effect, RING plating (which has minimum Ag plated area) is needed.

Single-sided MEP

Non-MEP Treated Side (Back side)

MEP Treated Side (Functional side)

MEP treated side non-MEP treated side
  • Mainly for sawn QFN package where taping is required at leadframe bottom side.
  • Micro-etch roughened surface affects QFN tape adhesion strength as the contact area between leadframe & tape very much reduced. Taping at non-roughened surface will be much preferred.