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New Process & Technology

High Density
Improved Thermal / Electrical Performance
Lead Free Implementation
MSL Improvement

MSL Improvement

MEP Process
Photo Resist Plating
NEAP Process

Photo Resist Plating - Advantages

To achieve good MSL level, minimum Ag plated area is desired. DCI can provide this solution by using photo mask plating. Photo masking allow further improvement as it use photo-lithography process which totally eliminate mechanical masking constraints.

High Dense Product

Thin MLP on 5mils material

Small geometry plating

high dense thin MLP small dot plating

No Half Etch Bleed

Plating Accuracy

Fast Conversion

no half etch bleed



± 4 mils ± 2.0 mils



3 Hours <10 min

Comparison between PRP and Mechanical Masking


Existing Rubber Masking Plating

Proposed ED-Resist Plating


a. Plating Tolerance ± 4 mil for reel to reel
± 3.5 mil for strip to strip
± 2.0 mil ED-Resist is using camera alignment during exposure
b. Plate Spot Size ≥ 20 mil As low as 3 mil
  • Limitation in rubber masking.
  • No limitation for ED-Resist plating, flood plating.
c. MSL Achievement for MEP product MSL LI for MEP product through small dot plating on pad
d. No Silver Bleed On Side Profile Better package reliability performance

Photo Resist Plating - Process Flow

PRP Process Flow