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New Process & Technology

High Density
Improved Thermal / Electrical Performance
Lead Free Implementation
MSL Improvement

High Density

High Density Matrix Leadframe
1 MAP QFN Development
QFN Taping
Matrix Taping


The purpose of taping is to ensure internal lead does not shift during assembly process. DCI offer 4-sided tape which allows the most optimized leadframe cost by minimizing tape wastage.

Tape done for:

  • PDIP (28lds and above)
  • QFP (128lds and above)
  • PLCC (68lds and above)

Types of taping

  • 2 sided (PDIP)
  • 4 sided (QFP & PLCC)

Now taping has even migrate to multiple row type to increase productivity and bring product cost down. DCI has taping capability for:

  • single row
  • dual row
  • triple row

Single Row

Dual Row

Triple Row