About Us

One of the largest manufacturers of lead frames, Dynacraft leads the industry in manufacture and supply of microelectronic packaging systems. Our lead frames are used in a broad range of electronic products: home computers, automotive components, telecommunications, toys and electronic games. We supply semiconductor manufacturers and assembly contractors with the packaging needed to connect their chips to those products. Dynacraft establishes long term partnerships with customers, employees, and educational systems, building strength through synergy, linking technical expertise, design assistance, engineering capabilities and production facilities to the manufacturing processes. We aim to understand your objectives, to become an extension of your manufacturing system, providing you with the resources you need to output your product in the most efficient, most cost-effective manner possible. Dynacraft has an aggressive growth strategy to increase capacity and broaden the product portfolio. We create high quality products at ever greater speed and accuracy.


Dynacraft Industries was originally set up in 1974 as a subsidiary of an USA - based multinational company, providing semiconductor lead frame and semiconductor materials support to IC assembly plants in the Asia Pacific region. In January 1996, Dynacraft Industries was acquired by Malaysia Pacific Industries Bhd and become a member of the Hong Leong Group Malaysia. Being one of the largest manufacturers of a wide range of semiconductor lead frames, Dynacraft Industries leads the industry in the design, manufacture and supply of microelectronics packaging solutions to semiconductor assembly industry. Adopting technology-driven design and manufacturing processes, Dynacraft Industries is confidently poised to provide our valued customers with state-of-the art products at competitive prices and services.

Company Vision

Dynacraft is recognised by our customers as "The Preferred Supplier" for Leadframes.

Our "Value Set" encourages the pursuit of being "The Most Competitive Manufacturer" that continuously increases our

  • market share
  • profitability

by exceeding our Customers' expectations.

Developing "True Working Partnerships" with our Customers and Suppliers as measured through "Their Eyes" to ensure clear and continuous feedback.

We will achieve "Our Vision" through the development of

  • Our People
  • Partners
  • Strategic Global Investments

Combining Team Work with a drive for continuous improvement in all processes.

Major Event

1996 Jan
  • Acquisition of Dynacraft by MPI
  • Closed Etch Facility, USA and relocated to Penang
1997 Jul
  • Acquisition of new Tooling Building facility in USA
  • Relocated USA Stamping operations to Penang
  • MLP/QFN Started
  • Supplier Excellence Award from Analog Devices
  • Leadframe Supplier Of The Year Award from AIT
  • Outstanding Achievement in Quality, Delivery & Service from Carsem Semiconductor Malaysia
  • Leadframe Supplier Of The Year Award from AIT
2001 Sep
  • Relocated USA Tool Building Facility to Penang
  • NiPdAu started
  • Outstanding Supplier Performance Award 2001 from Chippac Shanghai
  • Leadframe Supplier Of The Year Award from AIT
2002 Feb
  • Relocated USA Cerdip operations to Penang
  • MEP development & production started
  • Outstanding Supplier Performance & Support Award from Microchip Technology Inc.
  • Consolidated all operations in Penang
  • Outstanding Supplier Performance & Support Award from Microchip Technology Inc.
  • Installed NiPdAu, MEP and MLP capability
  • Licensed Samsung u-ppf Technology.
  • Supplier Excellence Award from Analog Devices.
  • Installed Photo resist Plating machine.
  • Licensed Samsung RT u-ppf Technology.
  • Supplier Recognition Award from Carsem Semiconductor Suzhou
  • Best Supplier Award 2009 from Good Ark Electronics Suzhou
  • Licensed Samsung RT2 u-ppf Technology.
  • MPI kaizen competition.
  • 5S Mindset Transformation Competition
  • Launching of Quality 5 Pillars.
  • Hong Leong Sport Tournament