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New Process & Technology

High Density
Improved Thermal / Electrical Performance
Lead Free Implementation
MSL Improvement


Ultra Thin Package
Package Trend Towards Miniaturization
QFN Taping

Miniaturization of package

  • Package size as small as 0.3mmx0.6mm
  • To enhance performance for this trend, we have advance Micro NiPdAu technology to support the trend.

Mini QFN

Package size (mm) 0.3x0.6, 0.6x1.0, 1.0x1.0, 1.2x1.5, 1.5x1.5, 1.6x1.6
Ld count 2 & 3 lds
Density 15,300 units/strip
Plating NiPdAu or Multiple-unit-per Ag SPOT

Leadframe - Front

Leadframe - Back

Finish Unit - Back

Mini QFN Front Mini QFN Back Mini QFN Finish Product - Back