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QFN Taping

QFN Taping

  • Another feature of the QFN leadframe is the taping at the bottom side.
  • The leadframe is taped to reduce mold bleed.
  • Pad can be exposed.

General Specification




Taping Crossbow Max : 0.3mm
Lead Planarity ± 0.050mm
Pad Planarity ± 0.3mm
Pad Tilt Max : 0.050mm
Coil set / strip length Max : 0.50mm
Taping placement accuracy ± 0.3mm

Types of QFN Taping Available

Nitto Tape

nitto type

  • Silicone Polyamide tape
  • Most commonly used QFN tape
  • Tape model available TRM-6250L & TRM-3650S
  • No pre-heat required for tape & detape

Hitachi Tape

hitachi type

  • Thermoplastic tape
  • Pre-heat is required for tape & detape
  • Tape model available RT-321 & RT-521

3M Tape

  • Acrylic tape
  • No pre-heat required for tape & detape
  • Same taping process as Nitto tape
  • Tape model available 7416P

Tomoegawa Tape

  • Tape model available AT5
  • Pre-heat is required for tape & detape