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SO Package

Quad Flat Package (QFP)


Dynacraft manufactures QFP lead frames in many configurations. A wide variety of open tools are available in matrix formats. Internal lead pitch is minimized to shorten gold wire length. Some frames have epoxy locks around the die-attach pad for enhanced package reliability.

Stamping tools are built in modules. Internal leads are stamped by the first module. Subsequently, external leads are stamped by the second module.

Modules can be used interchangeably to minimize the cost of additional pad options.

QFP lead frame can be produce by etching to achieve fine pitch, we are capable of 150 micron inner lead pitch for 5 mil material and with very tight Silver plating thickness range of 100 micro inch. Bakend tooling process has capability on deep downset from 2.8X to 5.8X of material thickness and taping with 4 sided segment tapes for single and dual stands format. We have recently just installed three row taping capability.